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Friday, January 4th, 2008

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Schnizzle my twizzle
There are a lot of movie-watching opportunities at museums and elsewhere, but I've been too lazy to go out in the cold. Next week should be chock full of movies.

Some food items are running low, but Fresh Direct is booked up through Monday. They sent a notice saying they are very busy this time of year, and I'm not sure if it has to do with their union issues.

Oh wait, I clicked again and there's an opening tomorrow. So that means I won't be going to the movies as vaguely planned. It also means I need to order RIGHT NOW ... OK, back.

As much as I hate to tie myself down, I may have to reserve a weekly delivery slot. If you don't use it for 2 weeks, it's canceled. Now that my order is placed, all the slots are full again (until Tuesday) and the system won't let me reserve a future slot that's full now. I'll come back another time.

I ordered Chinese yesterday (Ollie's) even though it's more fattening than food I make myself. I hadn't had it in a long time. I got meat dumplings (usually have veg), but they were the soft noodle-y kind like Hunan Balcony instead of the harder, doughy ones I prefer (Kam Lai, Hunan Park, Empire Szech). I'm low on cash, but had enough for the meal and the FD tip tomorrow.

Yesterday, I received an events schedule from MoMA -- for December 2007. It's easy enough to check online.

I went to watch TiVo and thought that the guilty pleasure "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 2" was rerun, but looked more carefully and saw it was the previous series from 2006. Plus the original 2-hour special from 2005 was airing that very moment (I missed a half hour). Ooh! I watched the whole thing (except for one episode where "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" taped instead), and it was the exact same show as version 2 with different cheerleaders. And even a few of them were the same.

I then had to read all the TWOP snark on the older shows and they said everything I possibly could. The highlight in 2005 was a personality interview asking a candidate for "a current event" and she had no answer. And the one who would meet Miss U.S.A. (NOT Miss America, she specified) if she had only 10 minutes to live. Kelli the director still looked like she perpetually smelled a fainT ODOr (2007 ACPT puzzle 5 ref), but despite her seeming bitchiness I think she's professional and is working in the interests of the organization. One "inside" commenter said they usually don't cut people once they get to training camp, but purposely took more and then cut them because it made better drama for the TV show.

I cleared out MGC's (there was a wrong-sounding clue for SATE where the parallel verb was CONTENT, but RH2 says that's OK), and watched one each of "Power of 10," "That's the Question," "Cash Cab" and "Chain Reaction." Fast-forward makes it a pleasure.

I watched more Winter Olympics (2006), but not enough to erase an episode. NBC manages to get me interested in sports I know nothing about, like the 4 x 10 men's cross-country skiing relay. It was expected to be a tight battle between Italy and Norway (which took the last few 1-2's separated by seconds), but Italy ended up way ahead and Norway out of contention. The team was thrilled to win on its home turf.

Also started watching the original dance in ice dancing. Many skating duos are couples off the ice as well, I guess because they spend so much time training together. There's a move called a twizzle I hadn't heard of and Dick Button was asked if it wasn't a fizzle, and he said "there's no schnizzle in that twizzle." Snoop Dicky Dick.

I went to Rewardtv.com to see if they had a survey on anything I'd watched (somehow I didn't think the 2006 Olympics would be there), and there was one about "Cash Cab." The purpose of that site is to see if you paid attention to commercials, and I fast-forward through them so I never get those questions right. I knew that the 2 guys were holding coffee cups when they got in the cab, but didn't notice things like what bank they were stopped in front of.

Edited to add: 9er alerted me he was on TMZ but something else taped over it (it's on a Season Pass), so I caught today's rerun. Yup, there he was!

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