December 23rd, 2007


Everything I know I learned from People Magazine

I'm late to find out that Brooke Burke named her baby Heaven Rain. Those wacky celebs! The baby's really cute, by the way. A TMZ commenter suggested "similar baby names which I'm sure will catch on with the Hollywood set:

Autumn Sunset
Morning Mist
Gentle Breeze
Fresh Mint
Scented Candle
Sweet Vermouth
Rainbow Trout"

People's 6/25 issue was devoted to the hottest bachelors. I was going to complain that Kenny Chesney's profile said nothing about Renee Zellweger, but none of the bachelors mention famous exes. Makes them seem more single, I guess.

Some things just reek of PR. In the same issue, it's reported that MeMe Roth of the National Action Against Obesity received death threats after appearing on Fox News and attacking Jordin Sparks' weight. NAAO appears to be just this one woman with a web site, who has managed to put herself on the pundit circuit. Seriously, death threats? (if I'm wrong, my apologies)
{Edited to add: Oops, this last item is from the 6/25 issue of US.}

Besides reading People Magazine, here's what I did today

By the time I got up and dressed, it was 4 p.m. and the mailman was gone so I'll see if he's there Monday to get his gift. The guy at the desk had an open folder and not a locked box for the cards, and I wasn't about to put cash in there. I'll bring them to the office Wednesday. I asked this guy his name, and he wasn't on the list of staff they gave us; he said he'd only been there six months. So I went back up and prepared a gift envelope and gave it to him on the way back out, saying I didn't want him to feel left out. Giving is good for the soul.

I was going to the Times, where we're early since Will's going away. For the last 2 weeks, I've been unable to connect to the usual printer, and the backup printer worked but was smudgy. Someone sitting nearby expressed surprise that it even works, so we need to resolve this. There's a super-emergency printer I can use 4 floors up but that's a little inconvenient.

I'm not usually there on Saturdays and soon noticed Frank Sinatra-ish music coming from somewhere. I cannot work with noise. I traced the sound to a guy sitting around the corner, and asked if he had headphones as I could hear the music. He apologized and said he's usually all alone and didn't know anyone was around. And he did turn it off. I thanked him again when I left and he apologized again. At my ex-job, before headphones became de rigueur, someone actually argued with me about their need to listen to music out loud in our shared office.

The same guy was at the desk when I got home and gave me a friendly hello.

I finished "What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day" by Pearl Cleage. This was an Oprah's Book Club selection, about an HIV-positive woman who returns to her sleepy rural (all black) Michigan hometown and finds the problems of the big city are everywhere. Interesting characters.