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Putting the "blah blah blah" in blog
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Thursday, December 20th, 2007

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The closer to Christmas it gets, the quieter it gets
Fresh Direct order came this morning - refrigerator is loaded

New record on Newsday crossword done on Java applet without looking at all the clues: 1:22 (Monday 5/21/07).
[Edited to add: Just re-broke it with 1:17 on Monday 5/28/07 Newsday.]

I wonder if I should read the current pop culture magazines simultaneously with the six-month old ones, so I'll be commenting on something more current. Eventually they'll meet in the middle.

Anyway, People 6/18 had a full-page article about Donald Trump Jr.'s new baby, Donald Sr.'s first grandchild. Babies are born every day. Why is a famous person's son's baby getting this kind of publicity?

In the same issue was a story about an Arkansas family with 16 kids and another on the way. They don't believe in birth control. Other than the father's hillbilly name Jim Bob, the thing that struck me was the supposedly shocking statistic that the family uses 12 rolls of toilet paper a week. That seems low for a family of 18. Even when not preparing for a colonoscopy, I can go through a roll a day by myself.

I do see current news and can only say "Geez!" at Pamela Anderson's split from Rick Salomon ("Hard to believe there could be any problems, they are both so stable," quipped a TMZ commenter. But wait! Maybe they've reconciled) and young Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy.

I'm vaguely wondering if I should try to get to Sundance to support Patrick's new movie. I have no actual plans or tickets, it's cold there, I can see the movie in its probable theatrical release later on, and I wouldn't really be part of the experience like last time. And I'll be all movied out with the Spirit Awards screenings around that time. If someone had a space in a condo, I guess I'd consider it.

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