December 11th, 2007


Why, there we are

The "Behind the Scenes" video on the "Merv Griffin's Crosswords" site uses clips from "Wordplay" and Will and Merl's Oprah show. Kegler (Ron Sweet) is also in there.

I have a(nother) cold. Yesterday was runny nose day, and my temperature was 100.2. I just sent in some work, and have one more job to do, but need to rest.

Gooey cauliflower and pasta with onions, carrots and melted cheese was good comfort food. I have some zucchini and green pepper to make a similar casserole, but after that I'm out of cheese.

Ken Jennings is also swag-deprived

Anyone who reads this journal knows a recurring theme is the tragic lack of swag for nerdy documentary subjects. Ken Jennings, much more famous in the trivia world, says in his blog (

"I think everyone assumes that celebrity must be like this: people just start throwing free stuff at you. But it never really happened for me. I think the endless barrage of free stuff only comes if you (a) are so super-uber-hyper-famous that people are genuinely afraid of you, or (b) have a hard-nosed agent barking at everyone to get you free stuff. Or both. I should write a blog post someday listing Free Perks That Z-List Celebrity Ever Got Me, because it's an appallingly short list. What happened to America? Write your Congressman."

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton and Bai Ling are relaxing in a gifting suite somewhere.