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Sunday, October 28th, 2007

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All I really want to do is read
I'm getting more books out of the way:

Ursula Le Guin, "Very Far Away from Anywhere Else" - At 87 pages, it's more of a novella or short story than a novel. I'm not into sci-fi and haven't read any of her other works. This is a young man's coming-of-age vignette, lyrically written, but not engrossing to me.

Wendy Wasserstein, "Elements of Style" - The cover flap notes that the author has died, and this fact was on my mind while reading her last work. Wasserstein is (sigh, was) familiar with the super-rich, high-maintenance, pampered Upper East Side world she writes about, and while I'm not in that stratosphere I can understand it, too. This WAS engrossing to me, though readers on Amazon were less enthusiastic.

Norma Klein, "Lovers" - Mo, Marilyn, and Benjy take turns narrating this story of Westchester spouses, lovers, and family spanning 1966-1984. The engrossment level was somewhere between the above two books. (SPOILER!) Mo's longtime Boston mistress - the exotic, seemingly Indian, sari-wearing Bibi - turned out to be Sasha Weinberg originally from Great Neck. This cracked me up.

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