October 20th, 2007


TV Time

I watched a "world cheerleading competition" in fast-forward. The guys in this video were the winners in their division.

Most of the televised teams were from the South. Nothing like this existed when I was in school and if it had, my meager tumbling skills (cartwheel and that's about it) would never have made the grade. This must be fun for the kids involved, but the strange thing about this type of competition is these teams are "all-stars" not associated with any school. The cheerleading exists not to cheer on a team in a game, but as an isolated activity for competition. It's taken on a life of its own.

In this vein, I also watched another DCC episode. My favorite line was the mother hen of the squad adjusting a hemline on incredibly short shorts and saying the uniform had to be in "good taste." They cut a girl from the squad for being 5 minutes late to her uniform fitting, which seemed severe since her dancing was much better than the 2 they only gave warnings to. TWOP snark: "The way Kelli makes such a big deal about The Uniform, you'd think it was the Dead Sea Scrolls."

In more intellectual TV, I caught up on Merv's crosswords. I thought I'd lost Eric LaVasseur's episode in the cable outage but it was there. Way to go! But even an obviously good solver like Eric almost didn't make it to the final puzzle due to the spoiler rules. I guess that's the game but it's still annoying (as in, I'd be really upset if it happened to meeeee).

I saw "The Freak Book" episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." That show gets so uncomfortable that I almost can't bear to watch at times. That's the point - Larry gets into cringe-worthy situations and doesn't always get out of them. We had to suspend disbelief that John McEnroe would not recognize Larry David.

Don't believe everything on the Internet

Someone wrote Will that he hadn't received his at-homes back. The name was not on any envelopes in my to-do pile, so I wanted to go the box and make sure they weren't holding anything in the back. I was doodling around on the computer doing important work all day, and by the time I found out online that the place closed at 5 it was already after 4. So it was rush to the shower and get dressed and out at 4:46. Over to Broadway just in time, and found out they close at 5:30 (WRONG Internet). Nothing in the box, and nothing in the back. I don't know where this person's puzzles are.

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