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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

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I was starting to keel over and wanted to stay up until my Fresh Direct delivery came between 6:30-8 a.m., so watched some TV. There's always a full TiVo.

Bobby Flay's "Throwdown" - This is on the Season Pass because we shared offices with the production team. After seeing one episode (donuts) I don't know why I needed to see any more, but it's still there. The subject was mac 'n cheese. Oh my god, the food looked soooo good, bubbly and cheesy (in a good way). My enthusiasm was dampened when the cook mentioned one serving of her creation was 2000 (!) calories, more than I have in a day. And both she and Bobby Flay used eggs. I don't like eggs, unless they're in a cake or something. But oh, this looked so good. I immediately needed a snack - spinach munchees and rolls. Today I'll make a veggie/cheese/pasta casserole which may not be as rich as the TV recipe, but is the same sort of comfort food.

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" - 4 episodes. I love this show's quirkiness, the discomfort you go through to get to the (usually) laughs, and the way everything ties together. I've seen the first 4 seasons, but only one episode of the 5th, so I caught up on "The Christ Nail," "The Smoking Jacket," "The Seder" and the season 6 premiere, "The Blacks" (oh no, the party was YESTERDAY?).

"The Hills" - 2 episodes. Being new to this and having not watched "Laguna Beach," I'm not sure who everyone is and why some aren't speaking to each other. These are people I can't really relate to, but I'm getting drawn in.

"Cheerleader Nation" - 1 episode. Again, can't really relate to anyone but I like precision dance routines.

"Entourage" - 1 episode. The boys go to Cannes. This was really funny, as they wheeled and dealed before people realized their movie was a bomb.

The food came, I put it away (refridge is PACKED), and went to sleep. I've been up awhile but still not dressed. The weather is miserable. I'll wash up and then put on the contacts and work on the computer.

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