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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

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Work is out of the way now except more at-homes (getting there) and 3 LA Times which won't be due until I have 6. I did Uptown and worked SO HARD yesterday on 2 more weeks of NYT puzzles. I even did some (but not all) billing.

The keyboard tray is still there. They must be busy with higher priority tasks like installing the things on every desk in the building. At least there isn't a mouse living in the desk (ick! This happened to N, but she did have cookies in there).

Before going to the Times, I stopped at the 42nd St. P.O. to mail out 4 books but the line was too long so I left. At times that place is strangely empty, but this wasn't one of them. I didn't want to keep carrying the books back and forth, so after work (midnight) walked down to the main P.O. and got them mailed there. There was a bit of a line (geez, who goes to the post office at midnight?) but I was glad to get that done.

I turned down a job proofreading CosmoGirl! su-DUDE-ku with pics of cute boys instead of numbers. Soooo cute, but uh, no.

Speaking of cute boys, I watched the "Power of 10" premiere. No, not Drew Carey (though he is appealing as host and I think he'll do well on TPIR), the adorable contestant who is now a millionaire (but I also liked him when he was poor). Although it isn't really my kind of game show (I prefer more content and skill), I enjoyed it anyway. I may have been biased since I've worked for the company and know some of the writers, but I think it will do well. On the other hand, I haven't gone running to TiVo to watch Wednesday's show before it scrolls off.

On Monday I saw "Rocket Science" at the plush HBO screening room. This story of a stuttering kid who joins the debating team was poignant and painful at times, but kept me thinking afterward. The cast of unknowns did a good job playing characters who might have been too self-consciously quirky but this is fiction, not a documentary.

I'll be returning to the same location shortly for "The King of Kong," which is a documentary.

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