June 21st, 2007


Time Out - Whew

My Time Out New York arrived yesterday with a puzzle-y cover, and I thought, "Uh-oh, this better involve people I know or it can't possibly be any good."

That may be an elitist attitude (though really, how can any puzzle endeavor NOT involving people we know be any good?), but there was no cause for concern as there were puzzles by BEQ (launching a weekly crossword), bourbon_cowboy, lunchboy, nplchainsaw, and even a Hex/Rathvon cryptic. [Edited to add: Bombyx, too]

So there's one outlet that's in good hands.

He also had a headache and was washing his hair that night

From January 29, 2007 Star Magazine:

"Though the 'SexyBack' singer [Justin Timberlake] won Favorite R&B Song [at the People's Choice Awards] he accepted the honors via satellite from Anaheim, Calif., where he was on tour."

What kind of excuse is that? The People's Choice Awards were in LA, 30 minutes away from Anaheim.

Maybe he was performing at the exact same time the awards were being held.