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Monday, June 11th, 2007

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At Band Camp...
At my recent job, I found myself constantly referencing the previous, similar job. It got so there was almost no incident that did not somehow relate to a prior, similar incident at the other place.

I think this is because:

1) the jobs are very very similar - same basic work, same company (sort of), and some of the same people, or people who know the other people

2) since it was so similar, the memories just kept flooding back

3) because of confidentiality agreements, I can't normally discuss anything that goes on in these workplaces so here was a rare place where I could talk about the other job, since it directly related to this job

Even though I had not missed this work at all in the 2.5 years I'd been away, it was like riding a bicycle - the techniques and mindset immediately came back. So did the stress of needing to process a steady flow of work. But there was also the satisfaction in getting through the material, adding value and ferreting out problems. And working on something I cared about which I think people will really enjoy.

There's also the element of being starstruck - I'm a game show FAN above all - even though the glamorous world of television is in reality far from glamorous. I did meet one announcer (the news guy, not the comedian), but never even set foot in the studio.

So it's back to the regular routine, which isn't really a routine given its flexibility and freedom. I'll sleep at crazy hours and work on at-homes and already-due-again LA Times puzzles and the NYT puzzles (thanks Will J. for filling in last week!), and read, and listen to Sirius (haven't heard Dean's new morning show on the Martha Stewart channel, much less Howard and Lynn - who I also think of by first names even though I don't actually know them).

I got a Fresh Direct order today, and the refrigerator is full again. I'm already feeling a tinge of workplace-related nostalgia, wondering if there's a Halal stand on the Upper West Side.
Crossword-ish loose ends
In a prior comment, I was asked to help the "All About Steve" art staff by photographing my environment; they also made a request on Amy's blog. My environment is filled with clutter, even more so since I've been working long long hours and have completely neglected basic housekeeping. I considered cleaning up for this occasion, but 1) had no time to do so, and 2) figured the pictures are being used for background on a FICTIONAL film so it's not like they'll be released to the public. I hope. And I can always say they wildly exaggerated.

Two disposable cameras arrived in the mail after a long, stressful day at work last week. I thought I'd conk out immediately after arriving home after 2 a.m. and was going to tell the movie people they'd need to wait a week until the job was done. But then I found myself snapping picture after picture until the cameras were used up (oh well, might have been nice to take some in daylight). They'll see poorly framed, unfocused shots of piles of stuff. For irony, I took a picture of a book called "How to Organize Everything." I would have liked to set up a tableau of dollies and lambs but just photographed the ones that were out. So sorry, dollies, you may not be in the movies ("But I'm ready for my close-up!" - Sweet Dolly).

If Sandra Bullock's character lives in chaos and has a stuffed lamb collection, we'll know why.

I also got a call from "Let's Play Crosswords" (or whatever it's called these days) in response to my filling out their form, saying to give them a week's notice if I was going to be in LA, to arrange an audition. So I doubt I'll make a special trip, especially since my tenuous showbiz connections may make me ineligible (I'd have to verify that first). Also, it would be horribly embarrassing to get on the show and NOT do well (or, God forbid, not even pass the test, though if I can't pass a crossword test, who can?). Right now the furthest west I'm planning to go in the near future is Ann Arbor.

Coming back to work from a dinner break on Friday, I was stopped by 2 hipster-looking guys in front of the building, who recognized me from "Wordplay." They work at Technicolor, which did our trailer. The fun never stops.

Not crossword-ish, but a loose end: I ordered Chinese from Ollie's last night as I was exhausted and the refrigerator was empty (not anymore, thanks to Fresh Direct). I couldn't decide on a dish so went with Happy Family which includes chicken, beef, scallops and shrimp. It also had little fried bits of fat (ewww), which made me wonder if they trimmed their beef and if I should complain. Until I realized the "fat" was stringy and fishlike and was really scallops. Duh. They did goof in sending fried instead of steamed pork dumplings, which I also considered sending back. But they weren't crispy battery fried, but more sauteed and slightly browned in a long thin shape (which meant you got 6 instead of 8), and quite good, actually.
This would be even creepier on 11/11/11
I thought I should be waking up, and looked at the digital clock - and it was 11:11, and today is June 11.

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