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Putting the "blah blah blah" in blog
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Thursday, April 12th, 2007

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Just one more account to update and then I load the tax software...
Dear IRS:

First of all, don't you think it's cruel to make people with birthdays on April 15 go through all this torture around their special day? Even if I end up getting a refund, the work involved in compiling financial records and calculating taxes is a pain and always ruins this time of year. Yeah, I know, I could do it earlier. Or hire an accountant.

I hear you're cracking down on celebrities to declare their valuable swag and gift bags as income. Please note that although I was in a movie, there was a tragic lack of swag. You can read back through this blog and hear me complain about it. Hint: you might want to audit Bai Ling.

I'd love to chat some more, but I must go back to figuring out the "unit trust special reporting requirements schedule," "proceeds from broker and barter exchange transactions" and other fine documents I need to enter on my return.


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