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Putting the "blah blah blah" in blog
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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Time Event

-the 3 jobs I needed to do
-I'm on the second day of entering financial records into Quicken; a year's worth of bank accounts is done, investment accounts are in progress

Still to go

-the rest of the investment accounts need to be entered in Quicken
-TaxCut needs to be loaded and the numbers entered, the usual tedious process that could take me right up to the deadline

So Stamford (which is getting to be a distant memory) and regular blogging are still on hold.

It looks like I never got paid for 2 jobs last year (which I definitely billed for by e-mail), but I'll wait until I've seen all the papers I threw in the "need for taxes" bin before complaining. I already found a live check among the receipts, which luckily was less than 6 months old and got deposited today.
Plea to corporate America
Dear Company:

If I own your stock, would you please not merge, get taken over, spin off, or do weird splits?

I've looked all over trying to figure out how to account for the Viacom/CBS situation in Quicken and people are confused.

Let's see, I had 4 shares of old Viacom so it's now 2 shares of CBS and 2 of new Viacom, but that may not be exact ... and I'm getting a headache.

[Dear IRS: I did the best I could.]


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