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Monday, February 26th, 2007

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Yay, "Lives of Others" won! I'm so happy.

M's viewing party was great as usual. He saw my comment last year about frozen pizza not being ideal and ordered in fresh pizza. Before that, I ate a ton of cheese and veggies. I brought home 3 slices of pizza, a bag of vegs, and a can of caffeine-free, diet cola.

The games were high-tech, with a more sophisticated buzzer system than the usual Quizzard, and games projected on the big-screen TV from a laptop. They were a version of Split Second which I won at the last minute, Jeopardy with movie title categories (didn't do as well on that), and anagrams of Oscar categories.

Packets of cards showing each nominee with its movie's poster were randomly split among the group. If you had the winner's card, you'd get a prize. My packet had an extra Documentary card, for "Wordplay." Awww.

The earlier anagram game turned out to be relevant as the anagrams signaled the prize itself. For example, the anagram for Best Visual Effects was Believes Cats Stuff and that prize was a set of Kitty Note post-its. These were all really ingenious. Unfortunately, my draw was terrible (though I was happy my Best Foreign Film card "Pan's Labyrinth" wasn't a winner), and I only got one prize, as opposed to M2's... I lost count after 8 or 9. Luckily, the house rules said you had to return or trade prizes after the 5th win, so I got to pick out some leftovers at the end.

As for the telecast, it was fairly blah. We didn't get excited about most of the fashion, other than to note that Cate Blanchett looked great and Sherry Lansing should have worn sleeves. The Pilobolus dancers were a highlight. When the triumvirate came out to present Best Director, we thought it would be horrible if Scorsese didn't win - but that worked out.

Happiest person of the night appeared to be Jennifer Hudson, though Abigail Breslin seemed to be having a wonderful time even if she didn't win. Jack Nicholson still makes me shudder, and what was up with Diane Keaton?

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