February 14th, 2007


Questionable travel ad campaigns

I've seen "Cheat on New York" airline ads plastered all over subway tunnels and subway cars. Tonight, another subway car ad campaign made me go "Huh?": for "Bahamavention." I couldn't quite figure out what this was, but assumed it was a play on "intervention" since "vacation" didn't work. Great, let's associate tropical isles with drug rehab tactics.

Sure enough, according to the tourist ministry press release: "A Bahamavention is defined as an action taken by concerned friends or family members to get a loved one the help only The Islands Of The Bahamas can give. The campaign targets those who want to help their un-happy, over-stressed and under-tanned friend or relative by encouraging these interventionists to end their loved one's cycle of pain and put him or her on the road to recovery by performing a vacation intervention or Bahamavention."

Spirit Awards wrap-up

With the voting deadline looming, I watched:

"A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints": Teens hang out in Astoria (Queens), which did feel like Astoria. It was nominated for Best First Screenplay, but most of the screenplay consisted of the F word. I don't like cursing.

"Sweet Land": A 1920s Minnesota farmer and his Norwegian/German mail-order bride struggle to make a life. Touching.

"You're Gonna Miss Me": documentary about Roky Erickson, '60s psychedelic rock musician now messed up by a combination of drugs and mental illness. More a gothic family tale than a "Behind the Music" saga. Current articles say he's doing well.

Then I went online to vote. Ignoring instructions and my better judgment, I hit the Back button on my browser when I realized I forgot to rank one director, and had to start all over again. No harm done; the second try went through. Now I look forward to seeing the results the day before the Oscars.

It was a fun experience. To sum up:

1 movie previously seen
17 movies received from Netflix Spirit Awards queue
14 movies seen in IFP Spirit Awards screenings
2 movies watched in regular theaters
(and 6 movies not seen - just couldn't get to them all)

Besides the above, I saw 5 more movies through IFP since I joined, so the membership has been well worth it (and continues through next October).