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Putting the "blah blah blah" in blog
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Friday, January 19th, 2007

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Last year at this time, we were arriving at the Puzzle Palace in Deer Valley for the Sundance festival that started us on this roller coaster of a year.

This year at this time, I'm sitting around at home in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers writing about last year.

The book "Action" by Robert Cort was overdue at the library, so I finished and returned it. This 2003 book is different than the wonderfully nasty 1999 Fox TV series of the same name, but both are tales of evil Hollywood. The book mixed fictional with real characters and was moderately interesting. I've only seen 2 episodes of the TV show and just put it in my Netflix queue.

I also finished "Will Weng's Holiday Puzzles," which had been sitting around for ages. This 1980 book had a fair amount of crosswordese.

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