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Monday, January 8th, 2007

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The Benefit of Hindsight
In Star Magazine 9/18, an article "Wives Who Make the Big Bucks" lists four celeb couples where the wife is the primary wage earner:

Reese & Ryan (announced split 10/30)
Britney & Kevin (announced split 11/8)
Kate & Chris (filed for divorce 11/17)

Uh-oh, Nicole & Keith!
Straight out of Harvard, photojournalist Deborah Copaken Kogan worked the globe documenting war and upheaval, and finding adoring men at every turn. It took me a long time to get through this book, and I was probably jealous. Not that I wanted to be her, running around war-torn countries without reliable bathing and toilet facilities. But, yeesh, all those men. I was relieved when she met her future husband, settled down, and spent the end of the book gushing over motherhood.

In the afterword, she says, "My choices are by no means perfect, and they are certainly not any better than yours. But they're mine, and I chose to write about them." Fair enough.
These magazines are so quaint
Besides the hindsight of reading already outdated celeb gossip from September, there's the hindsight of reading Mademoiselle from 1992.

An article "So Far Away: Ballad of a Long-Distance Friendship" talks about how to stay in touch when you're in L.A. and your best friend is in New York. Telephones and mail seem so quaint. How did we survive without e-mail, IMs, blogs and the rest of the Internet?

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