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Putting the "blah blah blah" in blog
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Friday, January 5th, 2007

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Gone - again
I signed onto Rhapsody for the first time in a while, and soon noticed some of my songs weren't there. Oh wait, almost ALL the subscription songs weren't there, except some recent downloads. I remembered this happened previously but unfortunately didn't check to see what I did to fix it, and instead tried updating the software, and when that didn't help, went to their knowledge base which told me to delete certain index files. That still didn't help.

The phone number for tech support was wrong (it led twice to the NFL), but luckily chat help was open. They referred back me to the web site instructions I had just tried, and they still didn't work. Then they had me deauthorize and reauthorize my computer (nope). Then they had me do a "clean uninstall" and reinstall. That worked, and turned out to be what I did before. I had to reimport from iTunes again, no big deal.

Now I see my one playlist - songs from "Wordplay" - is gone. I reconstructed it by hand rather than delete the index files again, and risk losing everything I finally put back. Ick, buggy software! (Other than that, I do love Rhapsody.)

I had a lazy day (make that a completely unproductive day - so far), and earlier wandered down to the laundry room wearing glasses, bathrobe and furry slippers, to leave a book in the exchange shelf. I couldn't have looked worse, so of course as I was checking out the books a voice from behind said, "I saw you in..." Maybe the nice-looking young guy was talking to the lady folding her wash in front of me, but no, he saw me in "Wordplay." I hope I didn't scare his little kid.

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