November 27th, 2006


What day is it again?

I haven't been outside since Thursday. Very relaxing.

The puzzles were ready around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, but I wasn't about to go out at that hour. The computer guy was hoping to leave early Wednesday, so I got to the NYT around 10 a.m. and got the puzzles done.

After finishing, I went to Grand Central and bought my train ticket in advance. I was going to the same place in Westchester I went on Passover. I had put these people off in case my cousins invited me, and finally accepted after not hearing from my family. Then my cousin called last week and invited me (and I also turned down a third invite - feast or famine). Too late!

I arrived at Grand Central on Thanksgiving 12 minutes before train time, glad to have the ticket in hand. Then the train broke down in the Bronx. Over the PA came word of recharging and opening valves, and we were glad it wasn't a plane. The last two cars (which had no lights the whole ride - they should have known) were detached, and the train still wouldn't move. Finally we were pushed to the next station, where we evacuated and crowded onto the platform. I squeezed into the enclosed waiting area, which felt safer. Finally a rescue train took us on our way.

Will (who was going to the same place) was supposed to meet the train at 4:09, but neither of us have cell phones, and I didn't write down the hosts' number (though could have gotten it from information). By now, the train was about an hour and a half late, and I just had to hope they'd figure out what was going on. Sure enough, N was at the platform. After Will was about 15 minutes late, she went to the station and sent him home. I was glad to be inside in a warm, dry place.

By now, it was almost 6 when we were planning to eat, so dinner was served. Butternut squash soup (yum - I was inspired to get a squash myself), homemade cheddar rolls, mushroom stuffing, turkey, string beans. I brought meringues so I'd have something to eat for dessert, though by then I was stuffed.

After dinner, we watched - what else? - "Wordplay." Everyone had seen it except N's son's friend, but I could see it endlessly. We rewound to find N in a tournament scene, and after that the bottom margin seemed blurry. We watched a few of the extras, too. I made the 10:15 train back without incident.

I'm raffling away 10 "Wordplay" DVDs, and announced this Saturday night to a mostly non-puzzle mailing list (figuring puzzlers already had or were ordering copies). I had a slight fear that there wouldn't be enough interest. Hah! I already have 37 entries [update: make that 60]. I originally toyed with the idea of letting everybody win, but that would be too much at this point. I might add 5 more prizes. To determine the winners, everyone will be assigned a random number on Excel.

If anyone wants to enter, E-mail me or comment before 12/5. If you win, I'll need your snail mail address.

Today is hourly Tanga. I already can't do puzzle 4, which would be a lot easier with a printer. [Update: I finally figured out 4, and 6, and 8 and my other missing pieces. All caught up, and then the site was inaccessible during the final hour.]

The subway passage on 42nd Street featured a Delta ad campaign "Cheat on New York: Sneak away to (name of city)." Questionable taste.

I've finished:

"Sit & Solve Commuter Easy Crosswords" by Patrick Berry. Easy Patrick Berry is better than no Patrick Berry. Fun.

"Bling" by Erica Kennedy. Novel about an up-and-coming R&B singer. Though I know nothing about the hip-hop world, this seemed dead on. Also fun.