November 22nd, 2006


Fun with food

On Monday I felt like someone in a reality show challenge: Make ___ using only the ___ available in your ___. In this case, it was to feed myself using what was left in the refrigerator:

An onion, penne, parmesan cheese, frozen spinach (cooked together)
2 tomatoes (cut up and sprinkled with Sweet 'n Low)
Cornflakes, diet chocolate milk (eaten together)
Powdered milk, tomato juice, breadcrumbs, eggs (didn't use)

I resisted the temptation to order in because it's inevitably more fattening than anything I can make myself.

I HAD to go shopping Tuesday, unless I wanted to exist on more cereal, powdered milk, tomato juice, the last onion, penne and parmesan. I considered ordering Fresh Direct Monday night, but the only available Tuesday slots were 2-6 pm, and I assumed I'd be at the Times then.

But the puzzles weren't ready (they should be coming later), so I was here anyway. I dragged myself out at 5 pm, first to the PO to mail at-home puzzles to Canada, then to one supermarket for Thanksgiving desserts, and another for groceries. Neither store had diet ice cream/yogurt in the flavors I liked, and I haven't seen raspberry passion juice in weeks (I just wrote to Minute Maid asking where I can find this).

I finished Frank Longo's "Sit & Solve Travel Crosswords" which I had started while actually traveling. With Nucky, you can't go wrong.

I've vaguely considered doing the MIT Hunt sometime, but this won't be the time as my nephew's bar mitzvah is the same weekend.

I caught up on almost all my work and turned down an editing job, so should have a free holiday weekend.

(Looking at clock) Oh wow, it's Kennedy assassination anniversary day. Seventh grade, the announcement over the PA system, the entire school crying... nothing like that had happened before, and no one in my generation will ever forget it.


Moment of silence for Robert Altman.

"Nashville" is one of my favorite movies. I saw it twice in the movie theater, in 1975. I hate country music. "Nashville" is not about country music, it's about people. I have the soundtrack album. I have the novelization. I don't have the DVD, but I should.

"The Player" is also great. "Short Cuts," pretty good. "A Wedding"... oh well, can't win 'em all. Lots more Altman I haven't seen.

I'm behind in my celeb mags, but did hear that Britney is divorcing K-Fed. Did anyone really think they'd live happily ever after? Throw the bum out! Don't give him a dime! Britney has not always acted with class, but she's the Queen of England compared to this guy. And their split continues to prove that couples who do reality TV together don't last. I worry about the Osbournes.

There Goes the Neighborhood

A 29-story luxury high-rise is about to go up across the street, and two additional towers with million-dollar condos are being built nearby. This has caused the closing of several stores, including 2 supermarkets and a discount store, and neighborhood groups are upset.

So far, I don't see the problem. While we're short on stores now and the demolished stretch is creepy at night, a multilevel shopping mall is part of the proposed development, including a (rumored) Whole Foods! This sounds much better than what was there before. How is that bad?

The new building will block some views and cast a shadow. These are legitimate concerns, but I'm not personally affected as I already have no view. I don't hear construction noise (yet).

The community group says: WHAT WE DON'T WANT: A 30-story spike in the heart of our community, and unneeded luxury housing and luxury shopping severing our neighborhood.

Oh my god, RICH PEOPLE polluting the neighborhood! This area is very mixed. An influx of yuppies will just add to the mix.