November 17th, 2006


Inland En-pire

I spent the afternoon at a screening of David Lynch's "Inland Empire." Maybe I'm just a shallow connoisseur of fluffy chick lit, but I found the movie excruciating and incomprehensible. Three looooong hours of ponderous symbolism, dense atmosphere, and "Huh?". Like a very bad episode of "Twin Peaks" with no plot. The pluses... um, the seats at IFC Center (theater 3) were very comfy. I hadn't been there since the summer Q&A's and saw some familiar faces. "Beyond me!" I griped on the way out and staffer Larry said, "Great! Thanks!"

This may be the worst movie I've ever seen. A few people walked out, so I'm not alone. But maybe I just don't appreciate art. so far gives it a not bad 70% (10 reviews).

Turning to chick lit, I don't uncritically embrace this entire genre. Getting through Lisa Cach's "Dating Without Novocaine" was like, well, pulling teeth. The best thing about it was the large print. I figured out early on that (SPOILER!) "just a friend" Scott (a dentist, hence, the title) was "the one" for Hannah, who dated a succession of awful guys before seeing the light.

"4% Famous" by Deborah Schoeneman was better. The story of fictional New York gossip columnists was funny and interesting, though I didn't like the characters' constant drinking and drugging. A media-savvy chef seems an awful lot like Rocco DiSpirito, and a briefly appearing baroness is probably modeled after someone I went to college with.