November 10th, 2006



My mother once said something to the effect of, "For someone so smart, you can be so dumb." She did not mean this maliciously. Some recent examples:

I've been back on prescription Allegra for my allergies, but still have had bad days with hives. Other days were OK. Yesterday I noticed some of the pills in the bottle were salmon-colored and some were white. Huh? I looked at a white pill and it said "Vanquish." I suddenly remembered I'd put some Vanquish (for headaches) in when I was traveling and didn't want to carry the big Vanquish bottle. Duh! The Vanquishes are back where they belong.

I receive a TV industry publication every week. It's been appearing in front of the door instead of in the mailbox. I assumed a neighbor was mistakenly getting it and bringing it down. Since it is addressed correctly, I asked the mailman why it wasn't being put in my box and he didn't know but said he'd watch out for it. It continues to appear in front of my door. I just noticed it says "Newspaper" next to the mailing label. Apparently it gets distributed with the newspapers and not through the mail. Duh!

(This isn't dumb but just lazy.) I ran several errands yesterday, and was going from Dell on 32nd and Park to the Post Office on 42nd near 9th Ave. (next stop would be the NYT). Despite the nice weather, I was too lazy to walk the whole way, and even too lazy to take a bus across 34th and then up 8th Ave. because then I'd have to walk almost a whole block to the Post Office. So I decided to take a bus up Madison and then across 42nd to 9th. At the transfer point, I let 2 M104's go by since they turn at 8th, and finally got on a crowded M42. However, this particular M42 was going only to 8th, so I had to walk that block anyway.

(switching the subject entirely from dumb things) One of the stops on the errand run was the "Wordplay" yogurt store, which usually has a special on prepacked pints. It used to be 2 for the price of 1, and more recently 3 for 2. Yesterday there was no special at all. Boo. I didn't buy anything. Then I went to the pizza place, where I could swear their pizza pans are much smaller, even though the price for a slice hasn't changed. Boo. They didn't have white anyway, so I didn't get any pizza.

I finished David Levinson Wilk's "Sip & Solve" book. Nice little gems. I could never solve while sipping, though I admit to solving while sitting.

Now available on DVD

November 7 was not only Election Day (I didn't have time to vote, but luckily it didn't matter), but the release of the "Wordplay" DVD.

There was a party at Joe DiPietro's No Idea bar. On the subway going over, someone said, "Weren't you in that movie?" I started to say yes, looked up and it was Jon.

We knew Patrick would be there. Despite being pregnant and due in February, Christine made the trip, too. And Merl and Marie, which was a surprise. They played the DVD extras on the constructors (including the misspelled Liz "Gorsky") and deleted Stamford scenes with Leslie and Janet who were there to see they are back in, but it was too noisy to hear anything.

I was anxious to have the DVD and was told it was being mailed. But I hung around until the end of the party, and ended up getting it anyway. Instant gratification. There was pizza at the party, but I didn't have much and was game for dinner afterwards with various Creadon/O'Malleys, Brian Oakes and Merl/Marie. Sad that this could be the last "Wordplay" event on this journey since Sundance (no one wants to jinx things by mentioning the O word), but the puzzlers will still convene once a year (twice, if you count the NPL convention) so life goes on.

I watched the DVD extras. It was nice to see the 5 constructor profiles, so people know that Merl is not the only puzzlemaker in the world. The Sundance segments brought back memories, and I was glad to see the 2006 finals coverage. The additional snippets of raw interviews make you realize how great the editing really was, not to mention the graphics and music. Still, I probably wouldn't mind seeing all 90 hours of footage.