October 31st, 2006


Book update

Lots to catch up on. First, some more books read:

"High Maintenance" by Jennifer Belle. Very New Yorky novel about a newly divorced woman who sells real estate, dates a psycho, and does other New Yorky things. I liked the book, but the ending was insane. (SPOILER) You don't give up a fancy triplex apartment.

"Brainiac" by Ken Jennings. It's good. His blog is even better. He comes across as human and funny. He interviewed a few people I know, and went into the problem of inaccurate trivia that gets perpetuated on the Web.

Lawrence Sanders' "McNally's Chance" (but wait, who is this Vincent Lardo listed as author?). Although I'm not a big fan of detective novels, my mother insisted I'd like "The First Deadly Sin" one time I was in Florida. Sure enough, it kept me up reading all night, and I've enjoyed other Sanders books since. This wasn't one of them. After Sanders' death in 1998, Vincent Lardo took over this series and it's just not the same. I didn't care much about these characters or the mystery or anything except finishing as soon as I could.

"Play Dates" by Leslie Carroll. Upper West Side single mother lives in a Central Park West apartment and sends her young daughter to the same private school she attended (financed by her rich parents), but struggles to make it on her own. A look at a world of snobby parents, excessive scheduling, and outrageous birthday parties. Things work out a little too patly in the end.