October 13th, 2006


On the radio

Since subscribing to the Sirius Internet stream, I've been listening to Howard at 6 am (though it's repeated throughout the day and any 4-hour stretch works) and then Lynn Samuels at 1 pm. My sleep schedule is compatible with this, for now.

Today I turned on Howard and thought it strange that he and Robin hadn't previously heard about Jann Wenner leaving his wife for a male model. And then they were talking about OJ and Kato Kaelin. And how the E! channel is splitting time with Bravo on Long Island. Why would he care about E! when he doesn't have a TV show there anymore? And how could he be getting E! from a Long Island cable company when he's living in the city?

Ohhhhh. It's a repeat. I got dressed and ran some errands.

Back home, Lynn is talking about Air America going bankrupt. This is not a repeat.