October 3rd, 2006



I listened to Howard Stern for years and years but hadn't gotten Sirius because the hardware just seemed too complicated. FINALLY they have an Internet-only subscription, so now I can listen through my computer. Simple. Why didn't they do this before? I still hate all the bimbo stuff, but I missed the day-to-day commentary on showbiz and the news. (listening) Ooh, Mr. T is on. Love him!

I'm also really glad I can hear Lynn Samuels again, on Sirius Left. She was formerly on WABC before they fired her multiple times. Such a New York voice.

After working late at the Times last week, I walked up to the Lincoln Center area Food Emporium. It's supposed to be open 24 hours but they suddenly announced the store was about to close at midnight for cleaning, so I rushed around grabbing things (No! Do NOT get the lasagna rolls if they taste anything like the eggplant rollatini!). No raspberry passion, but the next day I picked up 2 containers near me.

Because of my weird sleep schedule, I ate early Sunday morning, went to sleep, and didn't get to eat again that day. I was going to allow myself to eat again 24 hours later if necessary, but was able to abstain until I broke fast with my cousins Monday afternoon. We ate a little early, setting out the food around 4 pm. Bagels, lox, whitefish and tuna salad never tasted so good. Baby Stella got very animated looking up at her fish mobile.