August 14th, 2006


It sounded good on paper

I love ricotta. I made the penne with ricotta cream recipe today. It was awful. It might have been the salt. Or the raw scallions. It was just horrible. I put the whole thing back in the colander and washed off the sauce and just ate the penne. It still tasted like salty scallions.

I really should stick to my trusty vegetables and pasta with melted cheese, but I have loads of recipes itching to be tried. Oh well. This recipe went in the garbage, making there one less piece of paper in the recipe box.

I ate the rest of the ricotta not being used in the recipe, just plain. Now THAT was good.

(no subject)

From Entertainment Weekly's summer movie preview issue: "It was almost like being on a high school football team," recalls ["World Trade Center" actor Michael] Pena. "You have this coach in the form of Oliver Stone saying, 'You can do it!' And you're really tired and work really hard and in the end we get rescued. It was so surreal, it's almost like it happened to somebody else."

Uh, Michael, it DID happen to somebody else. You were ACTING.