July 31st, 2006


Bad blogger

I often get busy and go for days without blogging. This is not good. I don't want to be in a similar situation to the rest of my life (1000s of unread magazines, 900 unread books, 100s of unwatched taped movies, financial records not updated since tax time, etc.) where I'm blogging about something long forgotten. This does not include my 1969-70 diary, which was old on purpose.

So after I catch up on the last week and a half (coming soon to an LJ near you), remind me to keep it current.

I should say my work is in pretty good shape, so I'm not a hopeless procrastinator on everything. Just most things.

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I had a job due Thursday, the day after seeing "Little Miss Sunshine." Working on the last puzzle, I was so tired I was literally nodding off and decided to lay down for a few minutes. Four hours later I woke up. Oh no! I finished the work, and went online to send it, finding an E-mail from the editor, who was seriously inconvenienced. The deadline was tighter than I'd realized, causing upset all around (I've since received the NEXT batch, with the deadlines clearly delineated and I aim to get it done early).

This spurred me to get moving on the job due Friday, and I finished that early. Just a few at-homes left, which my helper should have ready when I return from the con.

Getting the work out of the way meant I could go to my cousin Rachel's cabaret show Sunday. It was at the Duplex in the Village, where I'd seen comedy shows years ago. My cousins (Rachel's parents) were there. I wasn't sure exactly what this show entailed; I knew Rachel played the violin, but didn't know she could sing. She's really good! There was autobiographical material and humor (e.g., relating to her constantly being confused with that character in "Friends"). One song I particularly liked turned out to be by my castmates, the Indigo Girls ("Galileo").

This day had an unusual number of "Wordplay" spottings. Crossing Broadway at 96th, a couple said they'd seen the movie the night before at Lincoln Plaza, when Will did a Q&A. The woman told her friend about it, and the friend lives in my building and already knew about the movie from my posting to our mailing list. At Rachel's show, one of her friends in the audience had also been at Lincoln Plaza the day before, but at the showing before Will's.

On the Broadway uptown local, the woman standing to the right recognized me. Then the woman standing on the left chimed in, but she doesn't quite count because she does the exit surveys for the Weinstein Company. While these conversations were going on, a guy nearby asked if I'd done any good puzzles lately. He might have been with the exit survey person, as he carried a clipboard full of papers.

Exiting the subway and walking up Broadway, I saw a new Italian restaurant and reached for a take-out menu. A man and his son waiting outside also had seen the movie. I gave them buttons.

So that makes six sightings in one day, about six more than usual. Will says he's only been stopped twice so far (and one of the people, iMissEthan, commented about it on TWOP. Who knows smrou who posted next?)

Our accurate journalists

Not only do journalists get things wrong about "Wordplay," but their inside celebrity scoop can be seriously impaired.

Star Magazine breathlessly and "exclusively" informed us on 4/23 that:

1) Brangelina Jr. is a boy!
2) He's going to be named Africa!

Daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born May 27, 2006 in Namibia, Africa.

Well, the Africa part was sort of right.

One day I hope to be caught up enough to snark on CURRENT celebrity news.