June 28th, 2006


NOT about that movie

I started an entry of loose ends unrelated to a certain movie, hit Back on the browser to check something, and lost the entire thing (somehow LJ's draft autosaving did not work). So let's try again.

Coming up from the Village Saturday on the 5 bus, I needed to transfer in the Lincoln Center area, so stopped by the expensive Food Emporium on Broadway for items not available in my local supermarkets. Despite the memory of their not-so-great baked ziti with meatballs last week, I got premade eggplant rollatini from the deli section. How can you go wrong with Italian food with melted cheese? Easily, it turns out. I don't know how they managed to ruin it, but this was the WORST. I ate half a rollatini and had to throw the rest away. Next time I'm transferring buses and too lazy to cook, I'll go to the Associated at 57th and Broadway where I've never had a subpar dish.

I'm not tearing through books, but have still managed to do some reading. Judith Krantz's "The Jewels of Tessa Kent" had the typical Krantz heroine: impossibly gorgeous, impossibly wealthy, impossibly talented, but with a deep, dark secret or problem. Tessa's problem is darker than usual and never really resolved (oh, you're not going to read it, so I'll reveal that it's incurable illness. She's still alive at the end of the book, but probably not for long). I eat this stuff up.

I just finished Caren Lissner's "Starting from Square Two." I adored her "Carrie Pilby." This was a more serious look at a young widow getting her life back together after her loss. The author hosts bar trivia with Francis's friend Dawn and with Matt G.'s agent Janet, so there are only a few degrees of separation.

Only a month after my bathtub and kitchen sink drains were unclogged, the bathroom sink is getting sluggish. The kitchen sink guy just used a plunger, so I'm trying that for now. It's not horrendous, but if it gets worse I'll need to call in the professionals. Why can't the drains all clog in sync?

I'm about 10 issues behind on People, US, Entertainment Weekly, and Star. Could be worse; my Newsweeks, New Yorks and New Yorkers are older than my nephews.

Oh, and I have done some work lately. At-homes are getting mailed back to solvers. I'm getting Uptown again after a voluntary hiatus, and LA Times puzzles need doing. And I said OK to test-solving more cross sums (who am I kidding? I always say yes to cross sums). toonheadnpl is working on a new NYT puzzle typesetting system that will require some retraining. Change scares me, but I'll deal with it when it's ready and ultimately it should make production easier.