June 26th, 2006


Wordy "Wordplay" stuff

Let's go back to June 16, where anticipation builds as the movie's about to open. In a real theater! Two of them.
Weekends at IFC's with no corpses involvedCollapse )

I sent out more e-mails to people all over the country (and to my cousins in Canada). My old crossword chat buddies Ivan (who I finally met last summer) and "Mr. Taste" (who I've never met) both went this weekend in LA. LOVED it! Shelly Berman was in the audience with Taste. My high school friend David saw it in San Francisco - loved it.

So despite a few party poopers I'm finding in blogland (and our old friend Mr. Kelly in Dallas who gave us a rare bad review), it's one big "Wordplay" lovefest. We're topping Rottentomatoes.com at 96%, baby!