June 21st, 2006


Calm before the storm

Since it's over a week later, I don't remember details of the rest of the weekend before premiere week. Aren't you lucky!

I do remember a little vignette from the bus. I was riding up CPW when an entering passenger recognized the woman behind me. Eavesdropping, I learned one woman had been the nurse of the other woman's grandson. I soon gathered that the boy was 3 at the time, and is now 22! He was hospitalized for quite a while as a toddler, and this nurse provided care at home afterward. The boy is now fine.

Never talk about a lady's age

Bruce Newman, Mercury News: Dead to me!

"Ellen Ripstein, a self-described 'nerd girl' who appears to be in her 40s or 50s, finally won the national title in 2001, after so many years of finishing in the top three that she became known as 'the Susan Lucci of crosswords.'"