April 30th, 2006


Manna from Fresh Direct

Since one of the nearby supermarkets just closed and I'm lazy, I ordered Fresh Direct today. Along with everything else were 4 items I didn't order. They were in a box with my name on it (along with the Tide Free I ordered), and not on my invoice, so it's just a mistake.

I called Fresh Direct, thinking they should come pick up the bread crumbs, instant oatmeal, and 2 boxes of penne someone else must be missing, but they just thanked me for my honesty and said to keep it. I put the oatmeal (flavored and too fattening for me) on the table in the laundry room, along with 2 cans of regular Coke that came with Chinese food recently. I now have 3 containers of bread crumbs - I accidentally bought some twice for a recipe I never made. They're in the refrigerator and probably won't go bad, but maybe I'll leave one of those downstairs, too.

In this weekend break between grueling weeks of seeing movies, I need to work.

Wrong on so many levels


STAR-TELEGRAM FILM CRITIC, cmkelly@star-telegram.com

Is New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz the sexiest man alive?

Well, no -- unless you're really into short, nerdy, balding old dudes (and if you are, that's cool -- no judgment here). But Shortz is the star of his very own movie, the documentary Wordplay, another of this year's Sundance hits heading for the multiplexes. It chronicles the 2005 crossword puzzle championship, a tournament for geeks, er, puzzle-doers that Shortz hosts each year in Connecticut. (July)

* * * *

Don't they know Will was voted Gawker's NYT hottie with brains?