April 16th, 2006


Not ready for Gawker Stalker

I forgot to mention that on the subway going down to Grand Central Thursday, specifically on the Lexington local around 68th Street at 5 pm, a man nearby was talking to his female companion and commenting that a gentleman standing with some other men looked like Sting. "You know, from that group [long pause as he tried to remember]... U2!" he said. "Oh my God, it *is* Sting from U2!" The alleged Sting smiled and gave him a thumbs-up. The fan got off at 59th St., after shaking "Sting"'s hand.

OK, this person did look a bit like Sting, and I thought I heard an English accent. Maybe he was too polite to correct the U2 error. But what would Sting be doing on the subway? Was he even in New York this week?

I'm not sending this to Gawker Stalker just yet.