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Sunday, April 9th, 2006

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Taxiing toward Taxes
I've put my financial records in Quicken and sorted all relevant papers (kept in a specific cabinet throughout the year) in piles on the piano bench, piano and chair (I used to use the floor, but that's covered with books and magazines). Next: installing TaxCut, and going through the painstaking process of filling in each number for federal and state. It's still a few days away from being done, but at least this is happening today instead of next week at this time.

About 10 years ago, when I decided to really invest instead of have my savings just sit in the bank, I was paranoid enough to open small accounts in 15 places. This not only makes no sense (I doubt any of these establishments is likely to go under), but adds to woes at tax time since there are 15 statements to consider. Thank God for Quicken and TaxCut. I do most of it quasi-manually, but at least all the info I need is in those files.

Although I still have to put everything in the proper year, a rough look at Quicken shows my outflows were higher than my meager puzzle income. However, this was a good year for investments and that should keep things positive. I own no actual real estate but my real estate mutual fund paid a huge capital gain, amounting to almost 1/3 of its original value. I'll have to pay tax on it, but I love the idea of making money for doing absolutely nothing.

To celebrate finishing the recordkeeping and before wading through the paper, I went to the grocery store. They had Lite FM playing, and I bopped around to "Give Me Just a Little More Time." A commercial came on, with ridiculous pitches for movies ("I want to make a documentary about making a documentary about making a documentary"). Where was this going? The announcer then said that you could see (I forget the exact words) quality movies at the Tribeca Film Festival. "Wordplay" is one of those movies. I felt so proud.

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In the midst of this, the cross sums job arrived. I already did a piece of it; if I'm going to procrastinate on taxes, I might as well be productive. At-home grading will be heavy soon, too (though I have some help on that).

I'm still madly in love with my furry slippers and their squushy goodness. I had a panic moment earlier when I found one slipper under the computer desk, and the other one...nowhere. After a few minutes of frantic searching, the slipper appeared under the bed, not far from the desk but not near enough to easily slip away. The slipper must have a mind of its own. I'll have to give it a good talking-to.

Speaking of talking to inanimate objects, Creepy Doll seems to be bonding with Sweet Dolly though they can't get much privacy with Little Creepy permanently attached. The dolls both have a history of being rejected by their parents: Creepy by Trip and Brian, and Sweet Dolly by my sister, whose doll it really is. Not long ago, Sweet Dolly was even IMing her Mommy Lina and getting cruelly rejected:

En goes off the deep endCollapse )
If I'm reduced to talking about inter-doll dynamics, it's time to get back to taxes.

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