March 15th, 2006


Pierce Brosnan reads my mind

In the 1/23 People, Pierce Brosnan says: "I'm free at last. And as much as I liked playing James Bond, it was a shackle. The day the phone rang and it was my agent saying, "It's over. Negotiations have stopped," I was shocked. It was a bit of a body blow. They had invited me back and then UNINVITED me. Than I felt a great sense of liberation, a mild euphoria that I was free of it and could do anything I wanted....I made a great living from it. So I look at it positively. Anything else would be detrimental and negative and soul-destroying."

Other than the agent part and the acting part, he's saying exactly what I was thinking about my ex-job.

The lost days

The last few days went by in a blur, partially because I sleep at such weird times. I slept most of yesterday afternoon and evening. Now I'm all out of sync. What day is it again?

I'll stay awake long enough to go downtown and work. Then back home to finish up the last of the work, I hope.

In my pile of puzzle books was Henry Hook's "Twisted Crosswords." Although these are variety puzzles and thus not the best practice for Stamford, they are ingenious and fun. They do train me in keeping my brain supple and working. I have another crossword book (currently Stan Newman's "Cranium Crackers") on the dining room table, so I can solve puzzles wherever I am.

IFC asked us to do some photo sessions at the tournament. At first, their schedule required me to miss both lunch (where I'd already arranged to eat with someone) and dinner Saturday, and I was starting to plan what food I could bring so I wouldn't starve. Happily, they have revised the schedule. Dinner at the Greek restaurant will still be impossible (and last year I didn't go because I had to get ready for my baton act), but at least there will be food at the 6:20-7 group shot. Whether it's En food remains to be seen.

Books: Finished Ellen Conford's, "Alfred G. Graebner Memorial High School Handbook of Rules and Regulations." I'm really too old for teenage novels, so I shouldn't complain if it was a little predictable.

Now I'm reading Lee Nichols' "Tales of a Drama Queen," a humorous chick-lit about a woman dumped by her fiancee trying to start over again.