January 16th, 2006


Duh, never noticed this

Looking at photo captions in a celeb article, it said "McGraw, Hill,..." I never noticed that the country music couple shares their names with a publishing company.

There's a puzzle in that somewhere.

Procrastination does not pay

I've been getting a lot done lately, mostly in preparation for Sundance but also in general. Doctors' appointments, sorting through clothes, dry cleaning, etc.

I realized I'd better make a hair appointment before Sundance, since my last haircut was in June for the high school reunion, and the hair is getting a little witchy-looking.

Oops. I just called, and Ron is on vacation this week! Oh well. I'm not getting my hair cut by just anyone, so it will stay the way it is. The good news is that ski resort weather is probably the best possible climate for frizzy hair.

I'll see Ron before Stamford then.

Today has not been productive at all. I went through a drawer with accessories, and realized I need a hat. The wool hat I've been wearing has a hole in the back, and 2 knit hats in the drawer are loose and don't seem very effective. I do have lots of warm scarves I could tie around my head. I already wear one as sort of a babushka; maybe this will spark a Jewish bubba look at Sundance.

I make excuses for not shopping on holidays - it will be too crowded (OK, that's one excuse). Better to go when people with real jobs are at their jobs. This is the same excuse I'm using for not doing laundry today.

People working or not working has no effect on my being able to sew buttons on my coat, warm bathrobe, and various other clothes. Or can I rationalize a way not to do this, too (Dr. Martin Luther King would not want me to spend this day sewing buttons...)?

If I'm not doing anything practical, at least I should finish "Curse of the Singles Table" so I can return it to the library. It's due during the trip and has already been renewed twice.

I also have jobs to do. Oops, the Uptown puzzles schedule says proofreading comments are due TODAY, which means this week (not sure they were open today). Need to get to that ASAP.