January 12th, 2006


All Sundance, All the Time

After "Wordplay" completely sold out all its performances on the first day of ticket sales (the only documentary, and one of only 5 films in the entire festival to do so, we hear), spirits were low in Puzzleville. But hope is in the air. I was given a ticket to the premiere, and still have hopes of seeing the movie again Sunday (assuming I'm not completely mortified by how I come across).

Reports from all sources say that "sold out" doesn't always mean that, that things can change and spots can open up for later ticket buyers. And that once at the festival, it's possible to get in to pretty much anything by showing up early at the box office and waiting on lines. The director's friend went last year with no tickets in hand, and saw 17 movies. Lines are part of the true Sundance experience.

To help wait on those lines, my ski gloves arrived yesterday. They are very complicated, and I'm not sure what all the tabs do, but they are large and warm. The boots and thermal tights are also warm. I still need to do some repairs on my coat - or just get a new one. There are still a few shopping days before Sundance.

Yesterday I had my ticket buying slot. The system was agonizingly slow. I mean, slower than slow - I could do a whole crossword waiting for screens to refresh - and it crashed twice, causing me to re-enter everything. At least it let me back in, since you can only purchase once. The third time in, I tried the "calendar view" instead of "search" and that was a zillion times faster, and also helpfully indicated what was sold out and what was still available without going through multiple poky screens first. I started at 1:30 and didn't get done until after 3.

As expected, I couldn't pick up any "Wordplay" tickets (even though I now have one of my own, I'm looking out for my friends, as well as the 75 or so friends/family of the filmmakers who are also scrounging for tickets). I had a LONG list of other movies I wanted to see, and couldn't even get most of those. This was early on the second day of ticket buying and everything was getting snapped up. I did get tickets to 4 movies, and was also able to get 6 things for Trip/Brian, whose buying slots are later this week.

So I'll be on those lines. Thaw me out when it's over.

Hectic Times

OK, I lied. It's not ALL Sundance, just a lot Sundance.

After that extended exercise in frustration known as ticket buying, I got to the Times around 4. The Magazine people like to have the Sunday puzzle before 3:30 Wednesday, but it couldn't be helped. I had solved the puzzle from home (I have NYT Quark on my laptop), but hadn't done the acrostic since I don't have a printer.

The printer I use at the Times was very light and hard to read, and I didn't know the addresses of any other printers in Will's new area. The normal computer guys weren't around, so I called NYT tech help and someone came and set me up for another nearby printer. And one of the computer guys showed up and changed the toner in the bad printer, since nobody on the floor seemed to want to do it (I'm just a freelancer so there was no way *I* was doing it). So I was back in business, and started test-solving the puzzles.

About 6:30 I realized I had not put the Sunday puzzle on the Magazine server, even though it was done earlier. Oops. I did this. But first I moved the puzzle to some completely wrong folder on the server; I'm still not sure where it ended up. Still later (the day seemed endless, with all kinds of little things going wrong), while preparing the acrostic Java file, I discovered a small error (just a space missing) and had to tell the Magazine people to ignore the first puzzle and use the corrected one. They probably are not too happy with me.

All this time, E-mails and IMs about Sundance ticket buying were going back and forth. Hectic.

I finally did all my invoices. Yay! Income is always a good thing.

In celebrity news:

*Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank are splitting up - career imbalance is never a good thing for Hollywood couples, especially when it's the woman with the more happening career. Maybe it started to be over when she forgot to thank him at the Oscars.

*Angelina is pregnant - if I were Jennifer, I'd be LIVID with jealousy. How did this woman - who used to be just a really whacked out actress/hottie - get to be Mother Teresa? Though I have to say those kids are adorable. But isn't Maddox getting too old to be carried everywhere? I used to wonder if he could even walk.

*James Frey's memoir may not actually be true - this doesn't really bother me. Just relabel the book as fiction.

Just so you know, everything here is true. I mean, why would I make stuff up about losing my sandals and then finding them again?