January 10th, 2006


Sundance, Baby! (uh-oh edition)

Sundance ticket buying began today. We preregistered and everyone was assigned a half-hour slot in which to buy up to 20 tickets (max 4 per screening). I go at 1:30 tomorrow. No one in our Puzzle Palace had a slot today. Everyone was told to buy 4 tickets to "Wordplay" and the director will buy back any unused.

Sundance has an availability page so you can check before you buy. Uh-oh. When I first checked earlier this afternoon, "Wordplay" was already sold out Sunday, as well as Thursday and Friday (after we leave). And while I was talking to qaqaq, the Saturday premiere went as well! :( http://www.sundance.org/availability/

A Monday showing in Sundance itself is still open, but this is an hour away and not ideal. [UPDATE Tuesday 5:30 pm: That's sold out, too!]

We're hoping some of these ticket buyers were "our" people as opposed to random tourists from Iowa. And perhaps these random tourists from Iowa can be bribed at the theater to give up their seats. Sundance vets also tell me it's usually possible to get in through waiting list lines an hour before showtime, or by checking back at the box office early in the morning.

I have a long list of other movies I'd like to see. Some of them are gone, too, but that's not a major concern. I need to see "Wordplay," baby!