January 3rd, 2006


A Plug for Doug

This is for all you engaged grooms out there (that would be canadianpuzzler), or previously engaged grooms, or people who know engaged grooms, or people who know Doug Gordon. Yes, the book is out. Or "blook," as in blog-that-became-a-book*.


I've been following this story since Doug was a wee tot - or at least, since we shared offices at our ex-job and he met this rabbinical student and started this PlanetGordon blog. I like to support my friends, so the book is...on my Amazon wish list! How's that for whole-hearted support? But hey, I'm not anywhere near being engaged or a groom; it's the best I can do for now.

I believe bookishfellow contributed to the book, so it's even NPL-related.


Why we need a really good pandora.com for books

I was doing my periodic check of Amazon.com's book recommendations so I could delete books I already read. At the bottom of the rec, Amazon tells you why it thought you would like the book.

"Running With Scissors" was "recommended because you rated Sit & Solve Cross Sums." Huh? Is there perhaps a mental illness connection with obsessively solving cross sums and dark, funny memoirs of insane families?

Meanwhile, pandora.com continues to fascinate. Today in IM, A and I were gushing while pandora played, "Oh look, it played THIS!" "Ooh, it played THAT." I still need to split out my jumbled-up genres into separate stations.

UPDATE: I split my Pandora into Ennie Funky, Ennie Folkie, and Ennie Poppy Radio. The Poppy could probably be split into harder and softer rock, but none of it is, like, metal so I'll leave it together for now.

Must be a sign

This morning, I was drifting in and out of sleep while on the radio, psychic-with-MS MaryRose Occhino was taking calls on the Joan Hamburg show. I'm not into that at all, but she was pretty impressive, causing one caller (and me at home) to burst into tears when she hit a nerve.

Today's must-do task was to return the library book that had been renewed twice and which I finally finished. I also finished Jane Fonda - only to find that the BookCrossing person who wanted it had gotten it in the meantime. I was able to trade it away immediately on Paperbackswap.com.

I went in the front closet where I keep the book mailing envelopes and was distracted by the clothes to be dry-cleaned. More recent ones are in a laundry cart at the front of the closet (this is a very big closet), but I remembered there were other clothes in a huge box at the back. Some of them must have been in there for at least 20 years. With Sundance coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to get them cleaned. Emptying the box, I saw I have LOTS of sweaters. Not very many skirts, at least not needing cleaning. I'll go through everything else soon, but I'm about 20 pounds heavier than I've been in the past, and may end up needing to buy skirts. On the other hand, the trip is only 5 days so maybe I can put together enough warm outfits. Or just wear the same black skirt with different sweaters.

All the clothes needing cleaning would overwhelm one cleaner so I'll make bundles for several places in the neighborhood. I put a bunch of clothes in a Duane Reade bag, but didn't want to carry them to the library, so I'll bring them in tomorrow.

In a laundry basket sitting on the ironing board (which almost never gets used), I have some clothes needing to be hand-washed. Those too have been sitting around forever. I washed a dress the other day and a skirt today. Neither is suitable for Sundance, but this is great progress. In the basket was a long white skirt with tags still on. A really long skirt, longer than me by several inches. I'm not sure why I had it (maybe it was my mother's?) but knowing me, I'll never get it hemmed. I offered it on Freecycle.com and immediately found a taker. It folds easily into an envelope, so I'm just going to mail it.

After that vintage clothing interlude, I got dressed. I was gloved and coated and ready to go out when I decided to check E-mail. Putting the gloves back on, there was only one. Oh no, where was the other glove? Probably having a party with my sandals, which were still AWOL. I grabbed some other gloves and went out to the library and supermarket.

I managed to get out of the library without taking out anything new and without buying any book sale books. This is good, considering I have over 800 unread books at home. I still have a library copy of "The Curse of the Singles Table" which I just started. My immediate reaction is, "Ha, what is SHE complaining about?" I'll also get to Fannie Flagg's "Welcome to the World, Baby Girl" which someone wants when I'm done.

Back home, I was determined to find the missing glove. It had to be in the bedroom somewhere. I retraced my steps around the room. No glove. I looked under the computer desk. No glove. But wait, there were the sandals! They were dusty and as decrepit as ever, but I was so glad to see them. I swear I had looked in that place many times, but somehow they were magically there today. Then I looked under the bed, and there was the glove!

This must be a sign. Of what, I don't know.