Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Waking up in the dark

I really need to change my schedule of sleeping all day and getting up very late in the afternoon. This is fine for working at night or going to movies (which I'll be doing a LOT of in the next several weeks), but not for a crossword tournament.

My hairdresser Ron sent a notice that he'll be away skiing from Jan. 18-Feb. 4. This is probably where he was when I couldn't get an appointment before Sundance 2 years ago. He'll be back in time for the annual pre-tournament haircut.

I read "The Other Side of Mulholland" by Stephen Randall, another tale of evil Hollywood where everyone is lied to and used. Twin brothers - one gay and one straight - navigate the world of entertainment, celebrity journalism, and teaching the kids of the rich and powerful. Very enjoyable.

There was a last-minute change in one of the puzzles that required me to use InDesign on my laptop. As long as the iBook was on, I tried accessing Puzzle Society and found it was even slower than on my PC - so slow the page timed out. So it's not just the Java on my PC that's making the site really slow.

Re today's NYT crossword: A lot of people didn't get the O-bow (oboe) theme. And I was surprised people hadn't heard of Gwen Verdon or Chita Rivera. I've known them for years. One of the first movies I ever saw was "Damn Yankees" (with Gwen), and the "West Side Story" Broadway soundtrack (with Chita) was a staple in our house.

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