December 25th, 2005


Back to the Present (Get it? Present? Like in Christmas)

I know I'm getting addicted to the blog world when I'm annoyed that people aren't updating as much due to the holidays. Even the Columbia/Barnard student blogs I read aren't getting updated, since the kids are on vacation. I suppose I could find some other random people to read, but as it is I spend more than enough time reading through my Web links. I don't know how I would have time for a real job.

I had no motivation today to do much more than nap and read things online. There is still work to do, and of course piles of books and stuff, as always.

I THINK I straightened things out with Apple. We'll see if AppleCare for the correct computer gets entered on the real anniversary in January.

Good news: they caught the lowlife who attacked my friend in November. He is behind bars, we hope forever. She sent the police report, complete with a picture (shudder).

Thanks to Pandora's recommendation of the Feathermerchants, their 2 albums are still playing endlessly on Rhapsody. I'll get sick of them soon, but for now I'm reveling in this gorgeous folky music. I'm listening to them so much I haven't been back to Pandora for more possibilities.

I hate that on Christmas there's nothing good on the radio (and probably TV). Maybe that's a sign I should watch the most expensive Netflix DVDs ever that I've had for (gulp) more than a year. Make that more than 2 years. By now I've probably spent more than the DVDs actually cost. Netflix hasn't sent any sort of reminder; it's to their advantage that people keep out the discs for ridiculous amounts of time, but don't they want them back at some point?

During a break from sleeping, I went to the kitchen and had Yoplait fruit pops. My freezer isn't the greatest, and some things freeze better than others. I keep forgetting Yoplait pops are in the "others" group, and I always end up spooning them from the paper. I think I'll make some vegetables with melted cheese now (and consider the traditional Christmas dinner of Chinese food for later).

Bah Humbug to all!

Traditional Jewish Christmas

I slept from noon until 8 pm, and after doodling around on the Web, decided it was time to order the traditional Jewish Christmas dinner (technically, breakfast) of Chinese food.

I called Ollie's just before 10 - and they were closing! Yeesh, usually they are open until 2am (midnight on Sundays).

Hunan Balcony to the rescue. The total came to $22 with a tip, but I had no ones. Given the recent cashing in of coins at Commerce Bank I wasn't sure I had change, but there were some quarters in the piggy bank. Looking at the pile of 8 quarters, I decided that looked really chintzy, and decided to tip the guy $5 in honor of the holiday. He seemed pleased. Just as long as he doesn't expect that kind of tip every time.

So now I'll have Chinese food, and maybe watch a DVD or taped movie afterward for the other part of traditional Jewish Christmas.
Update: I watched "The Temptations" (and kept getting up to dance).

After that, I need to do work so I can start my "vacation."