December 20th, 2005


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This week is almost anticlimactic. The whole holiday thing is a nonevent for me, as my family doesn't celebrate anything. Which eases the stress considerably.

I did next week's NYT puzzles Sunday night, and the following week's should be ready Thursday. This means if I can get my other work done, I can take a work vacation next week. Not sure if that's possible. I always seem to have work to do, but it's not nearly as heavy as a few weeks ago.

I'm really enjoying I take the songs and artists it recommends and then listen to them on demand on which I subscribe to. A veritable music cornucopia! Right now I'm playing the Feathermerchants (pandora hooked me with "Water and Dreams")

I might actually have time to look at the Puzzle Boat again. Jeffurry has been doing all the heavy lifting for the team.


nonfiction: Jane Fonda's autobio (still). I'm on p. 290 and she's in Hanoi. I read a few pages before dropping off to sleep, so it's taking forever. This reminds me of a book I had to read during college called "The Waning of the Middle Ages" by Huizinga. This was taking so long that my sister (my roommate at the time) stuck a note on it saying, "Finish me, please! Love, J. Huizinga."

fiction: "Isaac and his Devils" by Fernanda Eberstadt. I've renewed it twice at the library. Only on p. 95. The story of an eccentric kid growing up in a town in NH.

Ain't going nowhere

With the transit strike a reality, I'm so glad I don't have to be in an office somewhere. My ex-office is in Times Square, and I'd probably have to walk there in the freezing cold. I'm hoping to work on the NYT from home this week if the strike is still on by Thursday.

I have free tickets to "The Producers" movie on the east side for tomorrow, but that's looking unlikely with no transportation. I hadn't arranged to go with anyone yet anyway.

During the 1980 strike, a co-worker from NJ drove me and others to MetLife on 24th and Park. I remember waiting on Broadway at the crack of dawn (we followed an early schedule to avoid traffic) and seeing Abby's big hair approach in the distance. We took the West Side Highway home and still usually hit traffic. The people in the car were fun, but I hated being dependent on others for transportation.

I had forgotten about that thing that was bothering me a week ago, but now it has resurfaced. I'm just being neurotic. People in the world have actual problems.

Speaking of problems, I was worried about the wiring in the dishwasher. The building had done some work on it, and I wasn't sure it was connected properly. Then I woke up. I don't have a dishwasher. It was all a dream, similar to when I have exams in courses I forgot I was taking and then wake up to realize I'm no longer in school.

I'm hoping to take next week off, if I can finish all my work. Based on today's lack of productivity, that's not looking promising. I did do some work, but not enough. There's still time left in the day, but napping is sounding really good right now.