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Friday, December 16th, 2005

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Last 1969 post until... 1970! (January 12)
Tuesday, December 16, 1969

Felt rather depressed after leaving WKCR where I finally met E but got very little accomplished about engineering. D [E from home's cousin] knocked on the door and was surprised to see me there. We talked minimally. He was looking for D2. E is very witty and all, left not so much mark on me as some others. He is a math major. I REALLY would like to get involved in the station but with finals and all it won't be easy. I can't believe I've been putting things off so long. It's no longer the beginning of the year, for heaven's sake.

Went to Jester tonight, by the way. They really are nice, I guess. H reminds me of M from high school (but HIS jokes are never funny, said Andy Heyward [recent president of CBS News]). K said something about it being a tongue-in-cheek meeting since so few showed up, and H and I both put our tongues in our cheeks. I inadvertently smiled at him, forgetting he wasn't M. Would I be at ease with the real M? Who knows? H likes (loves is more like it) opera - so do so many other guys I know. Maybe my heart is with opera-lovers. Oh well.

I never seem to fit in anywhere. I'd better get back to studying math. Never did see N today.
Loose Ens
As if there aren't enough silly time-wasters around, you can now generate your own ad slogan: http://www.thesurrealist.co.uk/slogan.cgi

Fast Ennie and Good for You!

Yesterday I had to go out in the 29-degree weather and find a copy place to fax the postal receipt to my Amazon buyer, who wanted proof that I had indeed sent the book which still hasn't arrived (but ISN'T EVEN LATE). There was one 5 blocks away. It cost less than taking the subway back and forth to the NYT and using a fax there for free. I sure hope she likes the book when it finally gets there, and hope she won't ask me any statistics questions.

I caught the end of Howard Stern's last non-satellite show this morning, but had a horrible headache. I'm now feeling no pain thanks to Vanquish. He thanked a lot of people, including his daughters, parents, sister, brother-in-law, crew, and wack pack - but not his ex-wife Alison. I probably will eventually buy a Sirius radio (Lynn Samuels is on there too) but just want a portable radio that I don't have to plug in to some other device. I can listen to XM via AOL but not Sirius.

So far the threatened transit strike will consist of two outlying bus lines striking on Monday. I hope it won't affect me, but I can manage by not going anywhere. I can always do the NYT from home if necessary, though it's easier on-site.

We now have 7 occupants for the Sundance Puzzle Palace, and 2 possibilities for an 8th. The film schedule is now up at http://festival.sundance.org/2006/pdfs/SFF06_FG_films.pdf (search for Wordplay). Exciting!

My sister in Miami was thinking of coming to Sundance with her family, but it's just not going to happen. Nearby accommodations are impossible (they can only get away for a weekend, and places require 4- or 5-day minimums), the kids don't have winter clothes, it's cold, it's crowded, it's crazy, there's no guarantee of tickets, and who knows how much I'm even in the movie. My brother-in-law majored in film (before becoming a lawyer) and would enjoy the festival, but this year it's not meant to be. Hopefully "Wordplay" will get released commercially and we'll convene at a gala premiere.

My (allegedly) thermal tights arrived and they fit. I never know until I try things on, but "Medium" seemed a good bet. One pair is a fishnet, crocheted pattern that seems much too airy to be thermal; this might be why they were discontinued and sold at smartbargains.com.

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