December 13th, 2005


Touching base

My former officemate IMed to say Hi. It was nice to touch base. I was sorry to hear her beloved dog, who followed her across the country to 3 cities, had to be put to sleep a few months ago. I have no love for dogs, or for this particular dog, but I understand the sense of loss and sorrow.

She had this important fashion advice for Sundance: NO NANA!!!

I hear ya. I might have to make an exception for the fur (warmth) and for a comfy quilted Nana bathrobe, but will try to otherwise avoid clothes that make me look like a 93-year-old Florida grandmother.

A Blondie Moment

My favorite low-fat blondie has changed its packaging. Associated still had both versions so I was able to compare:

Price $1.99
Weight 3 oz.
Calories 143

Price $1.99
Weight 2 oz.
Calories 190

Huh? Same price, smaller size, MORE fattening?