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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

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Sundance, Baby! Part II
Today was productive in terms of travel arrangements but not at all productive in terms of work.

Since stellavision was leaving for a business trip, we wanted to finalize accommodations for Sundance. Preliminary investigation had been discouraging, with high prices and low availability.

Searches brought up some reasonably-priced places, but further investigation revealed they were totally inconvenient; access to Sundance events is key. What to do? I would have liked to use Marriott points, but the 3 Marriotts near Park City were booked. Other hotels were also full, so we would have to go the condo/ski house route.

Someone recommended http://www.resortquestparkcity.com/parkcity/index.do. It featured several promising properties. I found something in Deer Valley (2 miles from festival doings on Main St.) that seemed to fit the bill (exact location withheld for privacy reasons): close to shuttle, 3 bedrooms, looks great in pictures, extremely reasonable price. Almost too reasonable. We'll get there and find out there's something terribly wrong with it, like the apartment on "Candid Camera" that was perfect - until you noticed it had no bathroom. "What, you wanted HEAT? Just jump in the hot tub!"

I gathered people in AIM and we looked at the listing together and decided to go for it. I did the registration, pressed the buttons. IN! Wow. It's all on my credit card for the moment, but I'll get reimbursed when we know how many we are. And it's my Marriott card so I'll get points (thanks, guys!). Only drawback so far - it required a 5 night minimum, when we might have preferred a shorter stay. But that's OK - we'll just have to see more movies! (we're at a ski resort, but I don't think anyone's planning on actually skiing.)

Right now we have 6 people, possibly 8. The place claims to sleep 10, but that might mean 2 to a bed. Only 2 of our group WANT to share a bed, that I know of. There are definitely 3 bedrooms (6 people), 2 couches in the living room (2 more people - or is it 4?). Maybe there's a den or loft. Three baths. Should be fine. I'll ask about the bedding configuration when they call to confirm.

With housing out of the way, I made my plane reservations. I would have liked to use JetBlue (love JetBlue!), but their flight out gets in close to midnight which would mean getting to Park City REALLY late. So I'll arrive earlier on Delta for a bit more money. Return flight is sort of early, but checkout time is 10 a.m. anyway.

All set! Now I just need an entire winter wardrobe.

Update: I just checked the listings and our condo complex no longer is available for the Sundance dates. Whew, just in time!

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