December 5th, 2005



You know it's the holiday season when you have to wait on line everywhere. Lines at the Post Office. Lines at the bank (even in Select Banking). Lines at FedEx.

I had a choice of heading toward the FedEx on 79th or the one near Columbia. I decided to walk uptown.

The streets were full of harried-looking students. Since I read their LiveJournals, I know it's the last week of classes before reading week and finals. I don't envy them their end-of-semester pressure and deadlines. But in the real world, I'm just as harried. I've finished 3 big jobs in the last week, with 3 smaller ones to go (as well as the weekly NYT). Make that 4 - the puzzles for the next Puzzle Lady book were waiting when I returned.

Everything got done that I planned to do. Of course, I REALLY need to do some shopping before Sundance, but I can't deal with that today. My run-down-at-the-heels shoes that hurt after an afternoon of errands, and coat-with-a-big-safety-pin-in-the-button remind me I'm not ready for showtime.