November 27th, 2005


Ashlee loves me too

Sometimes you just have a visceral reaction to a celebrity, and it's unfair since you don't know them and they might be wonderful, talented, hard-working people with feelings. But every time I see Ashlee Simpson, I just cringe.

Everything about her seems fake. Her hair, whether light or dark, looks fake. Her makeup, seemingly applied with a trowel, looks fake. The raccoon-ringed eyes, the spelling of her name. And of course her "singing" - Oops!

I have never heard a note of her music, and maybe it's not that bad. I don't know. But there is something about her that seems completely fabricated, manufactured, and put out there to manipulate the public.

Making progress

I finished the job due tomorrow, so that's a relief. I'm still not sure I can get the other one done by Friday (are they really going to look at it over the weekend?). And another job that was supposed to come early last week still hasn't arrived; we may need to trace the package depending how it was sent (my desk people swear it isn't there, but what if it's mislabeled with the wrong apartment?).

As for the family news, I told my mother that there was news and it was driving me crazy not to be able to tell her and to please call my great-aunt or cousin and ask them what's new. So she did, and has been told. I left a similar cryptic message on my sister's phonemail. So everyone in my immediate family now knows our extended family will be getting a little larger in about six months. We all guessed it was going to get larger in one way, but it's actually going to happen in a different way.

As for the other news, I still haven't officially heard and it's possible I may not be personally involved. Confirmation should come in a few days.