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Putting the "blah blah blah" in blog
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Friday, November 25th, 2005

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It's the morning after and I'm still full. No one in my family ever starved, that's for sure. Good food and good company. Some longtime family friends came for dessert, with their 2-year-old daughter who was beyond cute. Everyone was literally riveted to this little girl. The only minus - my cousins have a dog. Ick, animals!

There is good family news I was told not to tell my immediate family members yet, because the people involved want to inform them. This is making me crazy.

There is also good nonfamily news I can't talk about yet. Super-exciting. This is also making me crazy. Watch this space next week for further developments.

I have so much work I'm not sure it can be physically done by the deadlines. Just the thing to keep my mind off the news, and add to the craziness.

Back to work!

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