October 27th, 2005


Poweless over overload

Even though I had a fairly normal day Wednesday (got to the NYT in the morning to get a new ID, worked, grocery shopped, napped a bit in the afternoon), I somehow switched immediately to "sleep all day" today. This may be because I only slept 3 hours yesterday; I had to get to the Times between 10 and 11 since that's the only time the ID guy is there.

Sleeping "whenever" is one of the joys of freelancing, but the schedule needs to change in a hurry as I need to be awake during normal hours.

I printed out more puzzle boat puzzles, and actually solved two! They are not coming easily at ALL for me. I tried one Jeffurry already did (Medium TV/Stan's Puzzle), and needed a hint for the last step.

But I don't have time to solve puzzles the team already has, since work is heavy right now. A book due Monday, 3 more LA Times Sundays due ASAP (one needs a few look-ups, the next has the puzzle solved but clues not checked, and the third is still to go), and Uptown (5 21's due 11/1, now moved to 11/7 which is good since I don't have it yet - it should have arrived downstairs via FedEx today).

Tomorrow is Pleasantville, which is not much of a tournament but more an excuse to have a party. The contestant/judge ratio is maybe 2/1. I was offered a ride there, which will be nice. Maybe someone will be driving back but if not, I should be getting Noam's extra train ticket in the mail (it's almost 7:30 pm and I still haven't gone down for the mail). If I don't use the ticket tomorrow, I should be working up there before it expires. Must remember to bring the iBook for toonhead_npl to see why DropStuff acts up, as well as the boat puzzles since most of my team should be there.

Saturday it's back to the ancestral homeland to help at the "other" Great Neck high school's puzzle hunt, and dinner with cousins. I'll be back there the following week for my sister's 35th h.s. reunion - that is, if Miami ever gets its act together and she can get out. As of yesterday, they were still without power; her family went to a hotel for a few hours, then heard the power was back and returned home only to find out it wasn't. My mother's phone is continuously "busy" so I hope everything's still OK. She should have enough food, as she has cans of soup and boxes of cereal dating back to the Ford administration (the pack rat genes are strong).

There's some shaking up and moving around going on in the puz biz. I should hear more tomorrow.

Mail/Miami update

I finally went down to get the mail. Sometimes they don't even finish putting it in until close to 6 pm (the neighborly jargon is, "Are they still throwing the mail?"), but today it was just me being late.

The Uptown puzzles I was expecting arrived. That's 5 more to work on.

As did a statement from CIGNA rejecting my claim. I assume this automatically went out before we started trying to fix this over the phone.

Something else from New York Hospital. Oh no, are they billing me already? But it was the mammogram report - normal. I still think I should get a sonogram under my arm, and will remind my doctor.

Train ticket to Pleasantville from Noam.

Package from Barnes & Noble. Yay, CrosSynergy Sundays ("Challenging 30-Minute Crosswords") and Cranium Crushers II! I had tested a few puzzles for Nucky, but doubt I'll remember them. I did the first puzzle (in pencil!): 7:37. I hope I didn't do this one before, but it's possible.

And another book, "Stalking the Puzzle Lady" by Parnell Hall for which I edited the puzzles (by "Murderin' Manny"). I glanced at it, and the dedication reads: "For Ellen, a winner in anyone's book." Wow! At least I think he meant me. Just as exciting as being a character IN a book (along with Trip and Jon, on one page of "Puzzled to Death").

My mother called, and the phone (obviously), power and water are back. Sounds like a harrowing week. She had to throw out a ton of meat and frozen food, but had bottled up some water beforehand, had lots of newly defrosted cake, and was able to make a dent in the vintage cereal and canned food collection.