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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

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It's melting!
I forgot to mention my exciting trip to the grocery store. It would have merited maybe a paragraph in the previous entry, but since it's by itself I'll flesh it out.

Having used up all my vegetables, hummus, fruit and cheese over the weekend, my refrigerator was almost empty. If I had to, I could have lived on plum tomatoes, canned pumpkin, powdered milk and cereal (not all mixed together), but a grocery trip or Fresh Direct order was clearly needed. I also was down to the last roll of toilet paper (though I keep an emergency roll in the back of the linen closet, and have plenty of tissues).

After mailing out a week's accumulated book trades at the post office down Columbus, I came back home and went to the Associated across the street. They have diet blondies and a decent diet ice cream/frozen yogurt selection. I always like to have frozen and desserty food available.

Diet blondies - check. I got 3 squished looking ones, which I like better than the fluffier (and drier) variety.

I stopped at the freezer for some vegetables (when I'm lazy, I make frozen cauliflower/broccoli/carrots with melted cheese). They felt funny, and there was a brownish liquid on the outside so I passed.

Further down that row of freezers I got frozen pierogies.

Still further down the row is frozen yogurt. But where the Stonyfield Farm pints used to be (yum, creme caramel and mocha almond fudge - the latter of which may be on the way out) were Ben & Jerry's pints. No Stonyfield behind them. So I went with No Pudge fudgy bars and Silhouette mint sandwiches.

At that point, a worker warned me they were having trouble with the freezer and my mint sandwiches looked melted to him. He urged me to check the fudgy bars. I said I couldn't do that without opening them, so he opened them himself and had me feel that they were...liquid. He took them from me and I thanked him.

So no frozen desserts today.

I also got frozen veggie corn dogs from a completely different freezer across the aisle. And I didn't forget the toilet paper. And a wedge of Jarlsberg.

I'm thinking the pierogies might be melted, too. Since they've been in my freezer for a few hours, I'd better boil them up right now.
Bureaucracy update
Spoke to Cigna twice today. During the first call they said they'd reprocess the claim, but I pointed out that it probably would still be wrongly paid as out-of-network; they need to find out why their system isn't picking up that my doctor is in the network.

Someone just called back. I suggested they see if there are multiple records for the doctor, with different phone numbers or tax IDs. They are still looking into it, but the problem may have to do with the tax ID - whether the tax ID on the bill (which was submitted electronically) is the same one that was contracted with them. Or if the bill used the individual provider ID or his group's ID.

I wouldn't have been able to help if I hadn't worked with the provider file at MetLife (tax IDs! doctors being listed individually or by their medical group!). But what do people do who didn't work in group insurance claim admin for 17 years?

On another front, good news from Amazon. I never received an Incredible String Band CD ordered from a marketplace vendor during the summer. The vendor sent a nice E-mail saying they were not able to get it from their supplier, but then I never received a refund, despite writing to the vendor 3 times with no answer. I finally initiated a formal complaint and BOOM the refund was applied within hours.

So now I have that refund plus 3 gift certificates to play with on Amazon.

Edit: I ordered a bunch of stuff, and just went down to get the mail. There was another Amazon gift certificate (I have a credit card that accumulates points good for Amazon certificates). Darn, too late! I'll do another order soon.

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