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Monday, October 24th, 2005

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Cigna Cucks

This is the claim for my ear infection visit in July, to my Primary Care Physician (PCP), who is most assuredly in-network, and not out-of-network.

I just found this online. It's after business hours, so I can't talk to a human until tomorrow morning.

They paid my last claim wrong, as out-of-network instead of in-network. I called several times to complain and it was never resolved, and I finally paid $5 I didn't owe just to shut everyone up. Obviously, my doctor is coded wrong in the system. It's possible they have him on file twice, once correctly and once not.

I used to work on insurance company provider files, and know all kinds of wrong things can happen. My favorite was the doctor which the system truncated to "Dr. so-and-so, Professional Ass" when it should have been "Professional Association." He, understandably, complained; to fix it, we had to use Asc since the system truncated after a set number of characters. Whether he actually was a professional ass, I don't know.

I hate when this stuff happens!
Life is a zoo
Stress is building, with everything coming due at once. Who says freelancing is easy?

This weekend I went to a bat mitzvah party at the Bronx Zoo. I had to skip the morning service and lunch in Westchester, since the logistics of going there, coming back home, and going back up again for the party at night seemed too daunting. Heading out for the party, there were announcements of the 5 running on the 2 tracks, but the 2 came anyway despite the warnings. I had arranged with Lyric to take me from the Pelham Parkway subway stop to the zoo, and by then it was pouring. A tram took everyone to the jungle house for cocktails and hors d'oeuvre.

The zoo was quite a spectacular party venue, even though I don't like animals. More trams took us to the dinner location, where a camel and rhino overlooked the buffet (Chinese food cooked to order) and dining area. The DJs did dance routines with the kids. After a slide show and musical performance by the bat mitzvah family, the DJ got into the good stuff: "Start Me Up," Motown snippets (I wish they had done all of "I Can't Get Next To You"), 60s tunes. I danced. Back on the tram to the parking lot, the people taking me back to Manhattan got drenched when water cascaded off the roof directly into their seats. "Isn't this FUN?" someone shouted. But we were going home, so no real harm done.

Today I crossed something off my to-do list from 2 weeks ago: At-home grading is caught up.

I can't rest on my laurels and relax. In addition to the Random House book just received and due 10/31, Uptown hasn't come yet and will be due 11/1. This is much tighter than usual. I also have to do 6 21's for the LA Times this week, as well as the usual NYT work.

I'm helping out Friday at Pleasantville, and Saturday at the Great Neck South puzzle hunt (and then having dinner with my cousins there). Lots to do.

Jeffurry solved all our team's puzzle boat puzzles so far, with a nudge from Treacle. I have been completely useless.

My family in Miami is without power, but their telephones work and they had no significant damage from Wilma. In my mother's high-rise building, a few apartments without hurricane shutters had walls blown down. She said that from the hallway you could see right into the apartments as slabs of wall had toppled. Nothing like that ever happened in previous storms, including Andrew in 1992. Scary!

Updates: The hallway no longer smells bad, and I don't notice the scratch on my glasses (so probably won't have it fixed).

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