October 14th, 2005


Feeling alter kockier by the second


Since I believe Jon and I traded the title of NYC crossword champ back and forth every other year, boy this makes me feel old. I mean, I *am* old but usually I'm in complete denial.

Then again, even at age 27 (or even 35, which I consider my peak), the words "sexy" and "hot" were not normally used to describe me.

Maybe "sort of cute" or "not too bad, for a nerd."

When I turned 30, I complained to my friend S that I probably only had about five more years to be "cute." "Nah," he said, "more like ten." I'll probably go directly from "cute" to "little old lady." C'est la vie.

Does anyone think Ashley will graduate?


Since every account of the Olsens' freshman year at NYU focused on late-night clubbing at hot spots around town and barely mentioned classes, I'm not surprised. Will Ashley be far behind? (And will anyone buy that as-far-from-a-dorm-as-you-can-get apartment the twins never moved into?)

Then again, it could be argued that mega-moguls with years of successful careers behind them don't really need college. Surely they could never have a "normal" college experience (though I'm not sure if Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman, etc. came close).

Will NYU become less popular with reduced chances of an Olsen sighting?